Frequently asked questions and answers

How long are Yema Pastels due?

From our stores it is usually 4 to 6 days.

How do I order locally in the Philippines?

For online orders and delivery you can visit  one stop service platform for local businesses https://www.shoplocal.ph

How do I order outside of the Philippines?

Unfortunately we still don’t cater outside of the country yet. But we do hope to resolve this issue soon.

How many flavors of Pastel are available in VjANDEP?

We have  17 flavors in total the rest of the 16 flavors are under special order at http://shoplocal.ph

How could we consume from VjANDEP as a wholesaler?

As of the moment we do not have the reseller prices available.

What are the payment methods you accept on your deliveries?

As of the moment we accept Direct Bank Transfers and Paypal or Credit and Debit Card.