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VjANDEP Local pastel Flavors You Might Want To Try Out

There’s something about the Philippines local fruits that we can all get behind. From Davao’s Durian to the most notable fruit in the country our national Mangga ( Mango ).

For every abundant fruit in this specific province of the Philippines, there’s truly a flavor for everyone in every experience. So, the next time you decided to bring home a Pasalubong for your family and friends. You might want to try these flavors out.

durian pastel

VjANDEP Durian Pastel – “Smells like hell and tastes like heaven” would probably be an accurate description of what durian is. Very popular for its odor, Durian is also known to be one of the most popular fruits in the Philippines making Southern Mindanao known for producing such. Its soft creamy and pulpy taste is so flavorful and sweet. Its seeds can also be eaten and cooked. It’s also known to be expensive making it more worth the try.

mango pastel

VjANDEP Mango Pastel – They say that the best mangoes come from the Philippines. Well, as the national fruit of the country, mango (mangga) is one of the most significant fruit crop in the country. This sweet and succulent fruit is definitely a favorite, especially its common varieties such as carabao and champagne mango which are top fruit exports. These deliciously sweet mangoes are mostly found in Guimaras province.

langka pastel

VjANDEP Langka – Philippine cuisine makes use of unripe jackfruit in a few cooked dishes. Yellow-ripe jackfruit is what’s more widely eaten, either as is or mixed into other treats, such as a turon filling alongside banana or in sweet guinataan (coconut-milk stew).

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