Yema Pastel

The Yema pastel is one of the first flavors to come off Vjandep’s shelves and sparked the interest and appetites of many for years now. Its the standard flavor that for a long time now is still the most favorite for the young and old alike who have tasted and enjoyed Yema pastel. The soft, sweet custard filling graciously fills your mouth with the rich flavor of Yema paired with the perfectly-baked golden soft sweet bun that completes the one of a kind experience that you can only find in Vjandep pastel.

Made with the freshest and finest ingredients and made with the traditional goal of giving joy and satisfaction, the Yema pastel is the ultimate sweet treat that is perfect for you and your loved ones.

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INGREDIENTS: Flour, Eggs, Milk Sugar, Butter, Shortening and Yeast

  • Box of 6’s
  • Shelf of life of 5 days
  • Approx weight: 552g
  • Yema flavored



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