Guava Pastel

The nutrient-rich Guava fruit is full of vitamins and minerals to help fight off all kinds of illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. Guavas have the most vitamin A than most fruits and have a taste that is perfect for a VjANDEP pastel. Great tasting Guava filling in every perfectly baked pastel is a great pasalubong for the whole family and friends.

Available in boxes of 6’s and 12’s, VjANDEP only serves the freshest and best tasting pastel. So if you’re on a vacation and want to share the sweet pastel goodness to your loved ones back home, VjANDEP pastel is the ultimate pasalubong for you.

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INGREDIENTS: Flour, Eggs, Milk Sugar, Butter, Shortening and Yeast

  • Box of 6’s
  • Shelf of life of 5 days
  • Approx weight: 552g
  • Guava flavored



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