Pineapple Pastel

Everyone’s favorite sweet Pineapple is now in VjANDEP’s special pastel! sweet, luscious Pineapple cream filling makes this pastel truly one of its kind. Made with only the freshest ingredients and with the invigorating and tangy taste of real Pineapple, This pastel is the ultimate snack time treat!

Also perfect for pasalubongs, The Pineapple pastel is one gift item you simply cant ignore. Your family and friends will surely love the succulent taste of Pineapple in every bite making this pastel a definite must have for your afternoon merienda and pasalubong.

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INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Corn Starch, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed, Soybean, Palm Oils), Dextrin, Soya Lecithin, Confectioner’s Glaze.

  • Box of 6’s
  • Shelf of life of 5 days
  • Approx weight: 552g
  • Pinapple flavored


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