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Lanzones: Fruit of Camiguin’s Beauty

Have you ever tasted the sweet, mouth watering goodness of a Lanzones? Have you experienced the joyful way of constantly peeling off the skin to expose its fruity meat and letting its juices flow into your mouth giving you a taste you cant find anywhere else? If all of these are true for you, then you have been blessed with experiencing the unique and delightful taste of the Lanzones.


In the island of Camiguin just located in the Bohol sea, off the northern coast of mindanao, you can find in huge abundance the circular fruit which is the lanzones. But where did this fruit come from? Many ancient stories have been told of how the lanzones fruit came to be. From stories of fair maidens to fairies, many have told these to children and to tourists of how this fruit came to be. Either way, the fruit is a delight to those who who eat it and is even revered to even have its own festival in it native homeland.


The lanzones festival is a huge celebration for the sweet fruit that everyone in camiguin know and love. it is held every third week of October and lasts for four days. The whole island of camiguin is alive with street performances and parades. Food can be seen and served everywhere and you can see the seer jou in the yese of each individual in attendance and of course, who could forget the mountains of lanzones that is displayed, shared and eaten on the course of the festival days. This festival celebrates the bountiful harvests the people of Camiguin have gained and in return share it with everyone else.

So, the next time you are in Camiguin, dont forget to look and have a lanzones. Camiguin’s own fruit of bountiful beauty.

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